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Russ Blakely and Associates handles Group Benefit services for Chattanooga TN
  • We strive to be a trusted resource for our clients and use innovative ideas to help you build the most affordable and effective benefit package possible, so that you can help retain top talent in your organization. To address the rapidly changing environment in which we operate and provide the best customer service, our staff engages in regular continuing education.

    Our client list includes groups of all sizes and is spread across industry, government, educational institutions and non-profit agencies. Each group is unique and our customer-service approach is individualized to the distinct needs of each employer.
  • United Benefit Advisors ® (UBA ®) has members in more than 40 states, one in Canada and one in the United Kingdom, making it one of the nation's largest employee benefits advisory organizations. As a charter partner of United Benefit Advisors, Russ Blakely & Associates enjoys access to a national network of independent employee benefit advisory firms.

    While we are attuned to the trends in benefit plans in the Tennessee Valley, our membership in UBA also allows us to call on the expertise of colleagues around the country in coming up with unique, effective benefit solutions for employers. The combined buying power of the UBA allows us to obtain the very best rates from a tremendous variety of carriers and enhance the benefits selections offered by our clients. Additionally, we employ a number of exclusive technology tools to help clients and employees fully understand and utilize their benefit package.

    With the shared knowledge and expertise of thousands of other UBA benefits professionals, UBA Firms can meet the needs of any sized business.

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